What People Are Saying About Magic Box

Following Therapeutic Parenting with Suzanne, Parents report their 14 year old daughter
has made lots of improvements; She is better at expressing and naming her emotions
and is using positive strategies now from her Magic Box
Family 1
A dad of a 13 year old boy says, “A is so much more at ease with himself now and will tell
me his feelings while using the calm sensory items. I have noticed he is so much more
confident in problem solving and keeps on trying when things go wrong.”
Family 4
Mum of a 6 year old Adopted daughter says, “She understands her feelings more now and
will sometimes tell me her worries rather than express them in anger. She will let me leave
her at clubs now too, she chooses something from her Magic Box to take with her.
Family 6
Parents of two adopted children say, “We are enjoying playing with the children and using
the sessions to ‘listen’ to what the children are expressing. We understand the children’s
worries more and have the confidence to help them at times when they are upset
Family 9
An experienced Foster Carer of a 12 year old child says, “I have learned new skills through
therapeutic parenting such as structuring situations and limit setting that I just didn’t know
before. These new skills have helped me manage BN’s challenging behaviour. He uses calm
down activities from his Magic Box now on a regular basis and I can see he is calming down
quicker since
Family 2
Foster Carer
From a parent of a 14 year old son with learning difficulties; “He is using the Magic Box strategies and I can see the benefit for him; he is trying to calm
down now rather than exploding.
Family 5
Mum of a 6 year old ASD child said, “My son has a greater understanding of his feelings, he can name feelings and is starting
to tell me what he needs
Family 7
Parents of two adopted children say, “Both children are better at talking about their
feelings. D is able to ask for help rather than becoming frustrated and angry. Bedtimes are
so much calmer and both children appear much more relaxed and happy. We use the Magic Boxes regularly and both children will get them without us prompting now
Family 10
Parents of newly adopted twins say, “Both children have improved, particularly T who is no
longer locked up in her own anger and fear.
My child is playing more imaginatively now and I enjoy our Special Play sessions too.
The work with Suzanne has been invaluable.
Everything about their behaviour says a big YES that they feel more secure and trust us
Family 3
A school says, “There has been less of a need to restrain GB lately and although he still
becomes angry it is less intense and doesn’t last as long. He used to become really
anxious when the routines changed but he will use the items form the Magic Box to help
calm down his emotions
School 1
A parent of a 7 year old reports that she is better able to communicate with her son
since using therapeutic language.
“I have learnt skills I didn’t know about and now I feel I am a more confident parent.
I’m trying to pass on what I have learnt to other parents I know who are struggling
Family 8