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Full of amazing resources and information – to help your child discover their own emotional skills.

Our Background Story

We are Sweet Families. Our mission is to provide positive, transformational resources to nurture healthier and happier families. Our primary focus is on the happiness of children – whatever their circumstances and whatever their background. How we enact that in the world is by providing courses and information to help those who care for children – parents, teachers, carers, therapists and others – do so in a healthier and more fulfilling way. Our knowledge comes from over 30 years of working with children, and our passion comes from our belief that creating better families creates a better world. of children – whatever their circumstances and whatever their background.

From The Founder

A video with More Information About myself and Sweet Families.

Interview with Sweet Families Founder

Enza Smith interviews Suzanne Lester about Play Therapy and Filial Therapy how it can help children that have faced trauma. Kinship Carers UK is a not for profit charity.

Using A Calm Box At Home

Our Founder of Sweet Families talks to Enza Smith of Kinship Carers UK about using a Magic Box Toolkit at home as a tool to help children manage their emotions. Suzanne talks about how to use the Magic Box, toys to include and activities to use and much more.

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Magic Box

The Magic Box Toolkit will take you through how to teach children to manage their emotions, recognise triggers and give them the words to express how they feel and positive practical steps they and you can take to reduce the strong feelings without the shame of getting it wrong. 

  • Magical Mirror Language and Reflective Language scripts for teachers that show you how and what you say to children can make a difference, this includes explanations and examples of how it can work
  • Magic Circle – how to link thoughts, feelings and behaviour and turn negative cycles into positive ones
  • Conjuring the Box/Let the Magic Begin – gives an understanding of how the box will work and helps you explain this to your child
  • Missing Magic – how to spot the signs that your child is struggling
  • Magical Feelings – How to help you help your child recognise their emotions and take control of them
  • How to create a Magical Space & how to use the Magic Box

What people say about us

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Family 1
Thank you so much for your help and support over the last 18 months. We can now enjoy much calmer bedtimes!
Family 2
Thank you for all your help and support. We’ve really enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to using our new skills
Family 3
Following Therapeutic Parenting with Suzanne, Parents report their 14 years old daughter has made lots of improvements. She is better at expressing and naming her emotions and is using positive strategies now from her Magic Box