We have created the Feelings Kit – full of amazing resources and information – to help your child discover their own emotional skills. The Feelings Kit will help you engage with your child, reflect their feelings back to them, and help them learn to transform their big feelings into manageable ones.

This simple to follow course is based on a Cognitive Behavioural model and uses Play Therapy skills to give you a clear way to work out tricky feelings with your child. The Feelings Kit contains fun games and activities that make it easy to talk with your child about their strong feelings.

The Feelings Kit will help your child to …
  • Easily identify and understand their emotions
  • Increase their ability to read other people’s emotions
  • Discover their ability to manage feelings in a positive way
  • Regulate their behaviour and help them use self-control
  • Engage with others and form healthy relationships
  • Increase their empathy for others
  • Discover magic strategies to transform their feelings


CBT for emotional regulation

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked together and are affected by each other. So we can be in a negative cycle, thinking negative thoughts, feelings negative feelings and then we can act in negative ways.

However, this negative cycle can be turned around by changing either our thoughts, feelings or actions. It can give adults and children a feeling of mastery over emotions which previously seemed to take over us.