Free Play

We must all remember at some point in our lives when we were so engrossed in an activity we lost track of time and were just in the moment. Well, when children are in free-flow play, that’s exactly how it is for them.

Self Regulation

Self Regulation For Kids
We talk about self-regulation a lot when we are thinking about how children manage their emotions but I wonder if we really understand what this is?

Negative Thinking

There are a range of different negative thinking mistakes that we regularly make and these can lead to automatic thoughts. An automatic thought is one that pops into your head without thinking on a regular basis.

Naming & Scaling

Being able to both name the feeling and notice where and how in your body you feel it is helpful when trying to prevent a feeling escalating and causing a behaviour reaction.

Controlling Feelings

controlling feelings
Controlling feelings can be hard for your children to do, but also for ourselves. We have to get our bodies into habits that help us relax. Visualisations can help.

Problem Solving

We want to encourage our children that there is more than one way to solve a difficulty and not all problems need to end negatively. There are many different ways to solve a problem.

Challenging Thoughts

Negative thoughts often increase anxious or unhappy feelings. One way to help your child is to help them use positive self-talk.